Acquiring Industrial Real Estate

Pacific Consulting helps buyers and developers of industrial real estate address environmental conditions that can impact their deal and development plans.

Industrial Real Estate Services:

Buyer Due Diligence, environmental conditions cost analysis

Industrial redevelopment can be complex and time-consuming, so having an experienced professional is essential. By conducting due diligence and undertaking environmental conditions, cost analysis, and more, our team can help make your redevelopment project a success.

Owner’s Representative with agencies, public, and contractors

When acquiring industrial real estate, we represent you with agencies, lenders, consultants, and contractors. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this industry, which we can bring to your table. From due diligence to contract negotiation, we can help make the process as smooth as possible. 

Environmental project management

An industrial real estate project can be complex, with many moving parts and stakeholders. Environmental project management is a critical element of successful industrial real estate development, ensuring that all environmental considerations are taken into account from the start. A qualified environmental project manager can help your industrial real estate project is completed on time and within budget while meeting all applicable environmental regulations.

Integrated Planning of Redevelopment, demolition, and remediation

The remediation and demolition of industrial sites can be complex and costly. Integrated planning of redevelopment projects can reduce costs and maximize the value of the redevelopment. 

Modifying Land Use Restrictions

Many industrial properties have land use restrictions required by an environmental remediation agency or voluntarily placed by a prior owner as a part of the cleanup. Less cleanup is required for commercial/industrial uses, and these restrictions often are recorded as part of environmental remediation decisions. 

Urban infill industrial sites are often attractive for housing development because of their location, larger size, and existing infrastructure. Home development remains the hottest real estate sector, and communities, owners, and home developers are looking to repurpose industrial sites. 

The existing land-use restriction must be modified if it’s a land-use-restricted site. And this modification will require cleaning up or proving compliance with more stringent residential standards. Modifying these restrictions needs to be negotiated with the party that initiated or benefits from them. It may be the prior owner or regulatory agency—and their interests are somewhat different. Both will need to ensure the land use change is consistent with the cleanup, but a prior owner must also limit its liability. 

Pacific Consulting is experienced in modifying land use restrictions with agencies and previous owners.

Pacific Consulting Industrial Real Estate Services

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Sample Projects

From Power Plant to Residential Community, San Francisco Bay Area

Supported purchase of 1,000+ acre waterfront inactive power plant property to redevelop it as a residential and mixed use community. Purchaser retained Pacific Consulting as an Owners Representative and advisor with consultants, environmental regulatory agency, and a separate responsible party for the cleanup. Facilitated negotiations to remove private land use restrictions.

Industrial Neighborhood Acquisition and Remediation, Emeryville, California

Mr. Harnish advised acquisition and remediation to allow redevelopment of an industrial neighborhood comprising 20+ acres and 16 parcels. Included a major cannery, automotive services, underground storage tanks, metal-working, and other manufacturing. David oversaw pre-acquisition due diligence, and later was Owner’s Representative overseeing remediation by several parties. The aggregated land was sold and is now home to Pixar animation studios.