Decommissioning Power Plants

Pacific Consulting specializes in helping agencies and companies with decommissioning power plants. We have extensive experience in divestment, remediation, decommissioning, acquisition, and redevelopment. Power plant sites can provide wonderful development opportunities and are important properties to neighboring communities.

Power Plant Site Services

  • Assist seller with sale of surplus power plant sites.
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  • Assist buyer considering purchase of a power plant for redevelopment sites. Learn More —
  • Environmental liability cost analysis for power plants.
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David Harnish, expert in decommissioning power plants
Decommissioning Power plants
Mr. Harnish managed the power plant site remediation portfolio for one of the nation’s largest utilities. He and the team managed all cleanup and supported decommissioning, reuse planning, and divestment. In this capacity, he peer-reviewed technical approaches, and oversaw lifecycle cost .

Decommissioning Power Plants Sample Projects

Hunters Point Power Plant, San Francisco, CA.

This must-run gas/oil generating plant was decommissioned in response to environmental justice concerns, one of the first actions of its kind in the nation. The plant is now demolished, the property remediated, has a 2019 AIA Award-Winning Shoreline Park, active interim use programming, and is ready for sale and redevelopment. Mr. Harnish was part of the leadership steering team and personally led onsite activities for three years of underground decommissioning and remediation. He was also lead with the Department of Toxics Substances Control, consultants, contractors, and community for several years. Supported property re-use planning, market analysis, and sale strategy.

Kern Power Plant, Bakersfield, CA.

Led site assessment, remediation planning, and land use study to reposition an obsolete gas/oil electric generating plant, which guided decommissioning and remediation activities. The reuse vision was calibrated with ongoing needs on retained lands and informed by the vision from City leaders and market realities. Acted as lead with City, internal stakeholders, and CPUC. The plant was decommissioned and remediated, pre-sale due diligence completed and sale is underway.

Power Plant Portfolio

Supported pre-sale environmental due diligence and risk analysis for the sale of one geothermal and six gas/oil power plants. Supported sale and utility rate-making. Post-sale oversaw environmental remediation and decommissioning that were allocated between buyer and seller. Power plants: Moss Landing, Morro Bay, Pittsburg, Contra Costa, Potrero, Oakland, Geysers Geothermal.

Humboldt Bay Power Plant Decommissioning, Eureka, CA.

As part of the leadership team, planned remediation and decommissioning of outdated gas/oil and nuclear plants in Eureka, California. Worked with plant leadership on end-use plans and cleanup goals, hired staff, and led agency discussions at crucial early stages. As a result, the property was re-configured for clean gas generators, a modernized electric substation, long-term spent rod storage, and partially divested for community recreation.

Hydroelectric Watershed Land Conservation, CA.

Led environmental due diligence for transfer of conservation easements over 140,000 acres and 1,000 parcels in 22 counties in the the the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountains. The assembled team designed an approach with input from legal and other departments and oversaw the initial years of implementation. This due diligence and pre-transfer remediation process have successfully supported approximately 80 transactions approved by the multi-agency Stewardship Council, encompassing about 80,000 acres.